Its island charm attracts thousands of visitors per year on cruise ships and on the ferries that crosses over from Playa del Carmen. It’s the island of Cozumel, home to unmatched beauty both above and below the water, deep Mayan history and something for everyone in the family to love. Here are some must-sees.

1.     Dive! Dive! Life Under the Sea

Famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau declared Cozumel to be one of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. Shortly after, Cozumel’s SCUBA diving industry was born.

Two of the most impressive dive sites are:

·         Paradise-you may never see so many schools of fish like this again amazing visibility and easy access—it’s just off the cruise ship port.

·         Palancar Reef-with impressive coral formations, caves and deep undersea gorges

For novices and experienced divers alike the number of reefs and sites is such that you could visit two per day and stay for several months admiring life under the seas without repeating!


2.     San Miguel-for Landlubbers

San Miguel is the nucleus of Cozumel—it’s at once where the action is, yet never lost its air of tranquility and provincial Mexico. Sip a delicious coffee, enjoy a fresh seafood dinner, or pick up mementos and gifts for the folks back home from a colorful and picturesque array of boutiques and quaint little shops.

3.     It’s time for your Spa Day

Escape the daily rigors of a vacation life in the Mexican Caribbean with some spa time on the island. All along the coast facing the mainland you will find little and not-so-little spas offering massages with a seaside view, and offering treatments that range from super high tech to ancient Mayan in origin.

There is no better way to restore energy, eliminate toxins and revitalize your soul.


4.     Go Back in Time-Mayan Archaeology

Cozumel has deep historic roots, and the ancient Mayans built over 30 known cities here. Locations like San Gervasio and El Cedral will teach you about them.

San Gervasio-near the north end of the island, the pyramids of San Gervasio are the largest and best preserved ruins in Cozumel. Look for Ka’ Na Nah, the important sanctuary of the Mayan goddess Ixchel.

El Cedral-the oldest surviving Mayan structure in Cozumel. Enjoy exploring both it and the neighboring village for a true back-in-time experience.


5.     See the Light-the El Faro Celarain Lighthouse

No visit to the island is complete without seeing this area. It’s the largest ecological reserve on the island, full of exotic birds, crocodiles, tropical fish, all in their natural habitat. Guides there will accompany and show you through the mangroves, lagoons reefs and dunes.

Walk up to the top of the lighthouse and you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the island—bring your camera! Live some of Cozumel’s maritime history visiting the museum, complete with pirate lore!


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